Curtis's Record Release Party
The Continental, NYC

It was a really hot July day in NYC.  Who knew what events the day would deliver?  With excitement, the preparations commenced, the equipment was loaded and the party was in motion.  It all started with the crack decorating committee.

Well, they actually started on break, the lazy bums.  Something about collecting themselves to focus their decorating energy.  Are you guys ready?  More Jolt cola?  But then, they suddenly sprang into action like the fantastic four - only more like the incredibly fruity four - and boy, did they go to work...

Shazam!  One club decorated, festive and ready for the rock.  Wow, they are good!  But they couldn't stop.  They redirected their decorating frenzy and started decorating the patrons.  Here's a testimonial:

Oh, honeeey.  Aahh looove yooooou.  I don't care what the neighbors say.  You shor look purty after that decorating committee spruced you up a bit.  I can't wait for this here record release partaay.  If only you could see yourself through my eyes.

Weeeeellllll, alllrightee!  I guess I can see things through your eyes instead!  But wait!  What's that weird thumping?  The bands haven't even started yet.  Sounds like something big is coming down the street and descending upon this club.  Hundreds of feet, thumping in time.  What could it be?
Yes, indeed. What could it be?  Here we see the gentle patrons of the Continental - the wholesome and unsuspecting patrons of the Continental.  Apprehensive, yet completely unaware of what would be crashing in on them.  What was it?  What was that great thumping?  Until finally, the ugly truth made it's way to the door and stopped everyone in their tracks...


- continued -