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12/14/04 - Wow!  It's been awhile since Curtis last updated this site.  Alot has happened since then - some good, some bad.  That's life.  Gotta live it! But, it's always more politic to start with the good news.  Put your best face forward.  So let's kick off with the following:

"PERFECT IN MY MIND" (full length album) AND "BREAKFAST WITH CURTIS" (7-song EP)


Curtis is FINALLY putting the finishing touches on recording the tracks that will form his first full-length album, with  working title "Perfect in My Mind."  The dynamic Grace Falconer is mixing and co-producing and Curtis is so excited he can hardly keep it together.  Shige "King-Shige" Matsumoto proferred his awsome services as lead guitarist.  Chris "Molson" Olsen proferred his super-sized talent by drumming on some of the tracks.  And Anthony "Tonus the Bass God" Esposito pulled out all of the stops and played bass on almost every single freakin' track (except one) in the space of two days  (without any preparation and still did a damn good job).  Curtis puts these guys on the SPECIAL THANKS list and sends them his best for their efforts.  If you run into these guys in your travels, please treat them with respect.

Curtis also puts Atlantis Black and the Teenage Prayers on the SPECIAL THANKS list for helping to kick-start this whole project.   Curtis would never have begun if it wasn't for them.  Much love and many, many thanks!  So, don't forget to treat them with respect too.

You might be saying, "That's nice, Curtis, but what of the 7-song EP titled 'Breakfast with Curtis' that proceeded this full length masterstroke?  Like, where is it?"  WELL, it looks like the 7-song will hit the presses simultaneously with the full length.  The aim is to offer variety.  The result will be to offer lots of choice, right out of the gate.  Of course, Curtis fans (and I know you're out there somewhere) will need both releases to complete their collections.  (Oh, joy!)  And you know that Curtis will be burning the midnight oil to get these jems ready for consumption!  What the heck?  Curtis admits that he has taken his sweet time polishing these jewels.  It's taken soooooo long, it's do - or not do and drop dead.  Believe me, the world would be an emptier place if Curtis just dropped dead without releasing his musical oeuvre.  So, in keeping with Curtis's commitment to humanity, these hits will see the light of day - any moment now.




Curtis has thrown his hat in the ring with others on Anarchy Music's "The WORST Tribute to the Offspring Ever."  Curtis is doing his best to pay homage to the Offspring with his cover version of  "Come Out and Play" with a tasteful meld of Offspring and Curtis style.  Trivia buffs will appreciate that Curtis also guests as the drummer on the equally superb (if not superior) tracks provided by Atlantis Black, the Teenage Prayers and Pure 13 for the same album.

Curtis was also audacious enough to provide tracks for a Jet tribute album put out by the same label.  Due to a production snafu, Curtis is not credited with his track on the Jet tribute -  which is just as well, because he doesn't like the way it came out.

(Please note that Curtis can't vouch for the quality of the crack staff at Anarchy Music - in fact, Curtis has yet to meet any of them - these tributes were competed via correspondence course.   Curtis has heard a rumor that the same Offspring tribute album has been released overseas bearing the title "The BEST Tribute to the Offspring,"  proving that there's no accounting for taste (which is a truism that Curtis is banking his whole musical career on).

Curtis has also been credited with tracks on the Tribute to the Yeah Yeah Yeahs and the Distillers put out by the same label - Tributized (Tributized, Anarchy Music, Cleopatra - it's all the same), which he is sort of, well actually, proud of.

* * *

We'll be carting all of our stuff to Acme Underground on 11/18/03.  And not just our musical equipment mind you, but ALL of our stuff.  We're moving in.  It's just that cozy.  The restaurant above, the rock below.  Add a couple of brick arches, and you can make believe it's the Cavern Club.  Totally gear.  Our tribute to Autumn kicks off at 9pm.  And, especially for you kids, we're being followed by the Holidays at 10pm.  They are Curtis's favorite ad-hoc acoustic act around.  They were born our of necessity and it looks like they're here to stay, too.  So, call all the people you haven't spoken to in the last four to five years and set up a reunion.  Use Curtis music as your Autumnal backdrop.  Did I mention we're available for weddings?
- - -
Alright - C'MON KIDS!!!  Acme Underground ALL NIGHT PARTY - Tuesday 9/30/2003 - (stay up with us until midnite and ruin the rest of your work week with a hangover and fatigue - you know you want to)   It all starts with Teenage Prayers at 8pm, Curtis at 9pm, HEAP at 10pm and the Holidays at 11pm.  No reason to leave.  Many reasons to stay.  All occasion to drink, drink, drink.  You can move about - BUT DON'T DANCE - you'll need a permit for that.
- - -
Hey, we had fun at our unannounced gig opening for HEAP Niagara last Wednesday, 9/24/03.  You know, I think we'd do almost anything to support those guys.   Anyway, we were so excited by the way the show turned out, we're booking a mall tour looking to play every reading lounge in every Barnes & Noble we can find.  If you know of their talent scout's name, hook us up.  We're also working on a tour of the Quik-Marts at Exxon stations coast to coast.  This could be big, with all the decaf tea and cheese and peanut butter crackers we can stand.  I hope they plan ahead and clean the rest facilities.
- - -
Well, due to circumstances beyond our control, the Siberia Bar gig was rudely pre-empted by the Blackout of 8/14/03.  No point in playing a gig when there's no light to see anyone by, no P.A. to sing through and no fridge to keep the beer cold.  It probably saved us all from embarassment, seeing as we were going to wing it "semi-unplugged," since drummer Chris O. is away on vacation ("semi-unplugged," meaning with acoustic guitar and accompanyment from Rob Watts on bass and a boom box playing our pre-recorded drum tracks - yes we still needed electricity to pull it off).  I remember Chris going on the weekbefore he left for vacation about Mars or Mercury being in retrograde and how this was supposed to wreak havoc with all things mechanical.  How right he was.  Next time, I'm putting my money on the Chris O. prediction for the future's market...