Who is Curtis Suburban?  What has he done so far?

Well, with the exception of the Curtis Suburban tracks (on which he's the drummer, the guitarist and the vocalist) he's the guest drummer on the following recordings:


Curtis Suburban, "Perfect In My Mind"
Produced by Curtis Suburban and Grace Falconer.  2005 Curtis Suburban

Curtis Suburban, "Breakfast with Curtis"
Produced by Curtis Suburban.  2005 Curtis Suburban

The Teenage Prayers, "Ten Songs"
Tracks: Annihilation, Acetylene Summer
Produced by the Teenage Prayers.  2005 The Teenage Prayers

Atlantis Black, "In My Bed"
Produced by Atlantis Black and Grace Falconer.  2002 Atlantis Black

Bellvue, "To Be Somebody"
Produced by Bryce Goggin, Jesse Malin and Dennis Borowsky.  2001 Goldenseal Records.

Stellan Wahlstrom Drift Band, "Time Leaves You Behind" (Selected tracks)
Produced by Stellan Wahlstrom.  1999 Belpid Records.

Mr. Ratboy, "A Gift from Mr. Ratboy"
Produced by Mr. Ratboy and Price Harrison.  1998 Feralette Records.

The Homewreckers, eponymous 7"
Produced by Dean Rispler.  1998 007 Records.

The Botswanas, "Mockers and Rods"
Produced by Price Harrison.  1997 Feralette Records.

Den of Thieves, eponymous CD
Produced by Den of Thieves.  1997 DOT Records.

Pillbox, eponymous 11"
Produced by Godfrey Diamond.  1995 Feralette Records.

Bebe Buell, "Retrosexual" (Selected tracks)
Produced by Tim McLaughlin and Bebe Buell.  1994 Skydog International.

Pillbox, "Jimbo's Clown Room"
Produced by Pillbox and John Aiosa.  Mixed by Glen Robinson.  1993 Circumstantial Records.

Pillbox, eponymous 7"
Produced and mixed by John Aiosa.  1993 Get Hip Records.


Tribute Title: "A Tribute to the White Stripes"
Track: Pure 13, "Aluminum"
Produced by Anthony Esposito.  2005 Tributized (Cleopatra)

Tribute Title: A Tribute to the Yeah Yeah Yeahs
Tracks: Curtis Suburban, "Man"
             Pure 13, "Rich"
Produced by Jim Nash and Schoolhouse.  2004 Tributized (Cleopatra)

Tribute Title: A Tribute to the Distillers
Tracks: Curtis Suburban, "Sing Sing Death House"
            Pure 13, "Desperate"
Produced by Anthony Esposito.  2004 Tributized (Cleopatra)

Tribute Title; The Worst Tribute to the Offspring Ever"
Tracks: Curtis Suburban, "Come Out and Play"
             Atlantis Black, "Have You Ever"
             The Teenage Prayers, "Beheaded"
             Pure 13, "Gotta Get Away"
Produced by Anthony Esposito and Grace Falconer.  2004 Anarchy Music (Cleopatra)

Tribute Title: "A Tribute to Jet"
Tracks: Curtis Suburban, "Cold Hard Bitch"
             Pure 13, "Get What You Need"
Produced by Anthony Esposito.  2004 Tributized (Cleopatra)

Tribute Title: "A Tribute to the Darkness"
Track: Pure 13, "Growing on Me"
Produced by Anthony Esposito/Seth Greenway.  2004 Tributized (Cleopatra)

Tribute Title: "A Very Special Tribute to Smashing Pumpkins"
Track: Pure 13, "Love"
Produced by Anthony Esposito.  2004 Tributized (Cleopatra)

Tribute Title: "A Very Special Tribute to Yellowcard"
Track: Pure 13, "Inside Out"
Produced by Anthony Esposito.  2004 Tributized (Cleopatra)

Tribute Title: "A Tribute to the Strokes"
Track: Pure 13, "Soma"
Produced by Anthony Esposito.  2004 Tributized (Cleopatra)

Compliation Title: "Live at Continental, Best of NYC Vol. I"
Track: Bellvue, "Faded Flowers"
Track: the Waldos, "Sorry"
Produced by Trigger.  2004 Records

Compilation Title: "We Will Fall: The Iggy Pop Tribute"
Track: Jayne County, "Down on the Street/Little Doll"
Produced by Jayne County and Peter Crowley.  1997 Royalty Records.

Compilation Title: "Fuzzy Logic"
Track: The Botswanas, "Soul Kiss"
Produced by Price Harrison.  1997 RPM Records.

Compilation Title: "The Bam Balam Explosion Vol IV
Track: Pillbox, "Spaced Out"
1996 Bam Balam Records

Compilation Title: "Hodge Podge and Barrage Vol 3"
Track: Pillbox, "Bobby's Shakin' Again"
Produced by Pillbox and John Aiosa.  1996 1+2 Records.

Compilation Title: "Live at Brownies"
Tracks:  Pillbox, "Demolition Girl"
             The Amazing Cherubs, "Have You Seen My Baby?"
1996 Feralette Records


Suicide King, August 2003
Overseas club performances in Tokyo, Japan
Supporting the Voodoo Hawaiians

Bellvue, July 2001 - August 2001
National promotional tour for Goldenseal release, "To Be Somebody"
Supporting Speedealer, Canderia and Clutch

Tsing-Tsing (Jesse Malin), September 2000
Promotional performances in Los Angeles, California

D-Generation, February 1999 - March 1999
Promotional performances for Columbia Records release, "Through the Darkness"
Through K-Rock promotional "Low Dough" radio shows (Irving Plaza, New York City;
   Mountain Creek, Great Gorge, New Jersey); also X-Fest outdoor festival, Fort Myers, Florida

D-Generation, March 1999 - April 1999
National promotional tour for Columbia Records release, "Through the Darkness"
Supporting the Offspring and the Living End

Jesse Camp, June 1999 - October 1999
Promotional performances for Hollywood Records release, "Jesse and the 8th Street Kids"
June 1999 - promotional performances in Los Angeles (including the Playboy Mansion and the
July 1999 - August 1999 - national promotional tour supporting N'SYNC
July 29, 1999 - promotional appearance supporting opening of Disney/MGM's Rockin' Roller Coaster with
October 1999 - East Coast promotional tour supporting Alice Cooper (including the Trump
   Marina, Atlantic City, and Six Flags, Great Adventure, Jackson, New Jersey)

The Botswanas, March 1998
Promotional performances at South-by-Southwest music conference, Austin, Texas for Feralette Records release, "Mockers and Rods"

Jayne County, March 1996 - April 1996
Northeast promotional performances for Royalty Records release, "Rock-N-Roll Cleopatra"

Pillbox, January 1994 - February 1994
National Canadian promotional tour for Circumstantial Records release, "Jimbo's Clown Room"
Supporting Bootsauce

Pillbox, July 1993
Promotional performances in Montreal, Toronto and Kitchener for Get Hip 7" release
Supporting the Ramones

Bands (in no particular order):

Curtis Suburban
Tokyo Rocks
Mr. Ratboy

Pure 13 (Anthony Esposito)
Atlantis Black
The Teenage Prayers
Suicide King
The Hip Nips
Walter Lure/the Waldos
PCP Highway (Jesse Malin)
Tsing-Tsing (Jesse Malin)
Bellvue (Jesse Malin)
Trigger's All Stars
Jayne County

Mad Juana (Sam Yaffa)
Dubqueen (Sam Yaffa)
Stellan Wahlstrom Drift Band
Homewreckers (Todd Youth)
Kill City Allstars (Todd Youth)
Nick and Dee
Jesse Camp and the 8th Street Kids

Bebe Buell
Den of Thieves
The Amazing Cherubs

The Botswanas 
The Senders
Honky Toast
The Contusions
Heap/the Thousandaires
Dave Crook and the Flare City Five
Piss Factory/Emma Peel
Cherry Red
Napalm 69
Inger Lorre
Noel Ford and the Fanatics
Minister's Daughter
Calling All Monsters
1000 Times No
The Frisky Beats
The Acrylic Crucifixion
The Night Slaves
The Plan
Loud Music in Your Face
Naughty Blinkims
St. James, N.Y. Fire Department Saints, Drum and Bugle Corps

I have had the good fortune to sit in with the great Joey Ramone (live), the lovely Ronnie Spector (live), the rock historian Lenny Kaye (live).  I also had the good fortune to
audition for Mike Monroe, the Dictators and Cheetah Chrome (but I didn't get any of those gigs).

It's been pretty good so far...