Perfect In My Mind - Music
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I Can't Wait
What You Need
Tear It Down
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Track Listing:
1.Welcome Everybody  2.I Can't Wait  3.What You Need 4.Tear It Down  5.If You Want Me To Stay  6.Destruction 7.Song For CE (Scary Looking Down)  8.I Love Delores 9.LOFM Part II  10.Make It Up To You  11.I Can't Live Without You 12.Stare Into Space  13.What's Going Down  14.To You Now (15.Unadulterated Crowd Sound 16.Tear It Down (Alternate))

Curtis Suburban - vocals; electric and acoustic guitars; drums on Welcome Everybody, Tear It Down, Destruction, Song For CE, I Love Delores, LOFM Part II, Make It Up To You, I Can't Live Without You, Stare Into Space and To You Now; bass on I Can't Live Without You
Shige Matsumoto - lead guitar on I Can't Wait, What You Need, Tear It Down, Destruction, I Love Delores, LOFM Part II, I Can't Live Without You, Stare Into Space and What's Going Down
Anthony Esposito - bass on all tracks (except I Can't Live Without You)
Chris Olsen - drums on I Can't Wait, What You Need, If You Want Me To Stay and What's Going Down
Also appearing! The Curtis Suburban Crowd Players - Jeff Abelli, Atlantis Black, Francesca Coppa, Grace Falconer, Rob Watts

Recorded and Mixed by Grace Falconer at Schoolhouse Studio, NYC
Produced by Curtis Suburban and Grace Falconer
Mastered by Alan Douches at West West Side Music

All words and music © 2005 Curtis Suburban (BMI) - except "If You Want Me To Stay" by Sylvester Stuart (BMI) and "Tear It Down" © 2005 Todd Youth/Curtis Suburban (BMI)