From the outset, Curtis's aim has been to mix rock and pop sensibilities.  It is Curtis's raison d'etre, forged from a position as a music consumer turned composer.   After one particularly ugly 72-hour binge on classic rock radio, Curtis began to feel weak - but a change was about to occur.  Some thing, some image, some essential truth was burrowing its way out from under the massive weight of the last "10-song rock block."  As this idea formed, it focused and found articulation in a startling realization (that went something like this) -  "Why must I listen to the same music over and over and over again, when I can just make my own music and play IT over and over and over again?"  Brilliant!  This epiphany lifted the consumer brain-fog.  The brutal truth left Curtis with no alternative.  His destiny was clear.  He armed himself with the necessities - some cheesy instruments, a used 4-track cassette recorder, a lone SM-57 microphone and lots (and we mean lots) of vain hope.  The journey had begun and the way out was clear.  Then Curtis asked, "Can someone please tell me, what's a Barr chord?"

"Hey," you might say to yourself, "isn't it convenient for Curtis to pose as an industry outsider to afford himself a faux sense of appropriated credibility?"  Well, OK.  Sure.  Let's not say that Curtis has underestimated your abilities.  But, let's face the harsh facts - Curtis IS an outsider.   Left with only his pawn-shop instruments and his vain aspirations to buoy him, Curtis chips away at the stone of his own stylistic niche.

Now, this column could go on and on, blathering about stylistic influences and their importance and their relevance - but who really cares?  So, instead of wasting your time, let's go right back to the recordings available on the "music" page...

Curtis sends you his best and encourages you to rock out in your own style.