Breakfast with Curtis - Music
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Song For Bunkie
Looking Out For Me

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Track Listing:
1. Yeah 2. Song for Bunkie 3.Looking Out for Me 4. Vanity Move 5. She's Everything 6. To Extremes
7. Curtis Suburban Themesong

Curtis Suburban - vocals, guitar, drums, keyboard
Ichiuji Takanori - bass guitar
Todd Youth - rhythm guitar on Yeah
Takto Nakai - lead guitar on Looking Out for Me and To Extremes
Grace Falconer - additional vocals on Curtis Suburban Themesong

Recorded at Spa Studio, NYC by Grace Falconer
Additional guitar for To Extremes recorded by Victor Luke at LoHo Studio, NYC
Song for Bunkie, Vanity Move and Curtis Suburban Themesong mixed by Grace Falconer
Yeah, Looking Out for Me, She's Everything and To Extremes mixed by Victor Luke
Produced by Curtis Suburban
Mastered by Alan Douches at West West Side Music
All words and music © 2005 Curtis Suburban (BMI)